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  Welcome to LARES Tours!
Our Guest Ranches and Country Inns are similar to Old Haciendas which have been restored and refurbished to receive tourists who will find the charm and hospitality needed to feel at home.

  Combining pleasant activities with, magic landscapes, nice accommodations, traditional meals, specialized guides and friendly people, we can offer unique experiences, according to the preferences and needs of international tourists.


  Our dedicated team of tourism consultants take every care to work out and offer you a different South American Experience which will be memorable and inviting enough for a revisit.
Our goal is that international visitors get to know, understand and enjoy our country, by learning first-hand about our culture, customs, and natural wonders through genuine travel experiences.

  Through our operations, we aspire to improve intercultural understanding, contribute to the socio-economic well-being of host communities by sharing the benefits of tourism, and to the conservation of the natural and cultural resources of the region.

- watch and learn
- walking

- coastal trail
- estancias trail

- fresh water
- ocean fishing

- customized

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